About Spurlé Gul Studio

Spurlé Gul /spərlā-go͝ol/means Spring Flower in the language of the Himalayas. It was specifically chosen to name this venture because the undertones of vibrant freshness in this name serve as a delicately succinct reference to the fresh new path our calligraphy artist has embarked on through this custom calligraphy and design boutique.

Our signature aesthetic embodies a modern and minimalist expression that imbues bespoke stationery pieces and event invitations with a fine art flair. Currently, we are offering our calligraphy and design services for all sorts of event invitations and day-of stationery materials. We have also added handmade paper goods, with those charming and irresistible deckle edges, to our selection of exquisite products.

We are based in the Washington D.C Metro Area, but extend our services worldwide and would love to chat with you to help you craft the perfect creative suite for your special event. Feel free to contact us for more information.

About the artist

The artist at Spurlé Gul Studio is Naveen. Her passion for calligraphy stems from an inherent love for creating and capturing beauty through the erstwhile art of hand-lettering. After a decade of working as a Technology Professional, she is now following her passion for designing and creating bespoke handwritten stationery heirlooms.

Her calligraphy style conforms to the principle of less is more. It is a natural fusion of the ancient art with modern sensibilities and aims to be a graceful supplement for every type of event.

She believes that as an artist, she must constantly evolve and expand her repertoire of creative skills to bring something new and intriguing to every one of her creations while also acquiring new avenues for expressing her artistic inclinations. In keeping with this ideal, along with calligraphy, she has also developed her skills in the intricate craft of papermaking.

She has created lovely variations of handmade paper, which we are very excited to showcase in our paper shop, alongside our robust range of exotic handmade paper goods crafted by papermakers from around the world.

Her portfolio can be viewed here

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The Spurlé Gul aesthetic

With a natural inclination towards purity and subtlety, we choose to craft beauty from simplicity. We adore palettes that combine light, airy textures with muted, soft tones to create an organic composition that feels calming and almost surreal... like something out of a treasured dream. Our event stationery effuses the feeling of modernity, textured with a vintage elegance, that turns a simple invitation into an heirloom that you will want to treasure forever!